What do Booking.com, FinTech, & the youngest board member in the history of Deutsche Bank have in common?

Dan Marovitz was the youngest board member in the history of Deutsche Bank, then leftfor his startup and after growing EarthPort, one of the FinTech Sstartups that has raised morecapital in the recent years.Now as a VP he is building a team of 250 people from scratch to manageBooking.com’s financial platfroms.Matteo, Founder of FinTechStage, asked Dan a couple of questionson WhatsApp, here is uncesored answers.

MR: From Banker to Startupper to Large Fintech now to… giant tech I would say! What a path!

DM: Yes- crazy. The unifying theme: industries where technology can change… everything. 

MR: How crucial is for Booking.com to build an efficient financial services platform?

DM:Booking.com is one of the most complex global marketplace on earth. An efficient financial platform is the lungs necessary to provide oxygen to all other systems.
MR: As McDonald is not a burger maker but a real estate company, seems to me Booking.com is a financial services player, with a much larger potential scope than payments alone. Thoughts?
DM: Well, our goal is to help people experience in the world. The fear, uncertainty and cost of international money movement and management hurts people’s experience. Our job is to remove the pain

Dan will be speaking at the Grand Opening of the #FTSFEST19 interviewd by our Co-Founder Lazaro Campos
To register to the Opening, which will be at Il Sole 24 Ore in Milan, click here👉https://bit.ly/2WifuRC


Hosted by illimity, our Innovation Partner of the FTEFEST19, we will talk about two main topics: coopetition and SME Innovation Toolkit. Both of them crucial in the FinTech world, but still not fully understood. Register here 👉 https://bit.ly/2XFYQMc


The need for change and innovation in pension is high. As well as in other sectors, it is crucial that traditional players (incumbents) have quick and efficient access to these new developments (and vice versa) in order to remain relevant and contribute to innovations. Register here 👉 https://bit.ly/2ViMsVd



Startupbootcamp Fintech & Cybersecurity Fast Track Milan @FinTech District (16 May)

What: Startupbootcamp is one of the largest accelerators and seed investors globally. With 20+ industry-focused innovation programs, we provide direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, corporate partners, and investors helping ambitious founding teams to scale. The Fintech & Cybersecurity program in Amsterdam, which is our Flagship program in Europe, facilitates corporate (bank) startup collaboration. FastTracks are informal events for which we invite early-stage startups to pitch and get to know more about the program and to receive feedback from mentors.

Who: Startups in Corporate & Retail Banking, Corporate & Retail Insurance, Pensions and Cybersecurity. Specifically, we are looking for companies with solutions in Transaction Banking & payments, Trade Finance, Debt Capital Markets, Treasury Management, Personal Financial Management, Alternative Finance, Loyalty, Portfolio Management, Investment Strategies, Risk Management, Carefree Retirement, Investment Incentives, Sustainability, RegTech, Automated Event Analysis, Third Party Risk Management, Authentication and enabling technologies around Beyond Banking, Beyond Insurance, Analytics, AI & DLT.

When: May 16th To participate in the FastTrack, please use this link: bit.ly/2PaGvnK
Online applications can be made via this link. (The program starts in November 2019).

Where: Via Filippo Sassetti, 32, Milan, 20124

How: For more information about Startupbootcamp and our programs, go to www.startupbootcamp.org.

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Following on to last year’s successful Festival in Italy, we want to replicate with the 2019 edition, where we will try to connect even more FinTech players and to explore all the hottest global topics!  Open Banking, Payments, RegTech, FinTech Trends, AI, Identity, Data, Asset Management, InsurTech and much more.

Our partners are the value of FinTechStage and thus each day and event will be built in collaboration with them: come be part of this tribe!