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Topic of the week: PropTech

Proptech is the acronym used to describe any technology for the real estate space it is the collective term used to describe the wave of tech innovations set to disrupt real estate markets.

Why we think PropTech should be one of the focus for the coming period?
Recent research (KPMG, Sept. 2018) has shown that awareness of the impact of technology on the real estate sector has increased. The number of PropTech solutions has also grown considerably in the past 2-3 years and a true PropTech jungle has emerged.
In 2018 VC investors invested €335 million in European PropTech start-ups, according to PitchBook. Although the European market does not yet have PropTech Unicorns, the European investment market is very dynamic. Internationally, the Netherlands scores highly on PropTech. Research shows that Finland is 1st in the ranking with the largest number of PropTech startups per inhabitant. The Netherlands is number 2 and Sweden ranks 3rd.
(, 2019)

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