Thoughts of the Day, Friends and Family & FTS

Thoughts of the Day
by Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder FinTechStage

Hey guys,

The Festival is building up nicely, I am very proud to the work the team is doing in bringing what I call the adjacencies (who wants to hear the word “FinTech” so much anymore) in financial services.
For you, friend, wondering what else is happening in the FinTechStage world, I want to share we were in Nigeria and Egypt last week, building our financial inclusion program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and coaching TWO bunch of entrepreneurs in Lagos and Cairo, as part of our LEAP program (Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Partner).
Looks like I will go back to Cairo speaking at the Central Bank sponsored conference in June and FinTechStage is on the line to try out some of our programs (the FinTech for SMEs, particularly) in September, collaborating with the Nile University.
Read about Mark below, is one of these amazing humans I have the privilege to call a friend as well, and one of the most brilliant entrepreneurial minds.

Quote of the week, from a tweet of Warren Buffett (re-interpreted by yours truly): “ Elevate yourself from other people’s judgement: if you let words control you, everyone can. Pause, Think, let it pass, and reflect “

Stay Tuned,


Friends and Family

Mark Dowds, Co-Founder, Trov Inc, is one of those speakers that at FTS we call “the friends and family group”.
We go back to 2016, when FTS was not even a year old and Mark had already spoken with us in Luxembourg, at the conference organised in partnership with Luxembourg for Finance, and in Cannes, in partnership with Trustech, about Big Data and AI.
So this year he has been one of the first speakers, together with the other friends and family, we have called to join us at FTSFEST19.
Mark will be speaking at the opening of The Festival on May 13th in Milan so for those who are a bit interested in Insurtech, or are curious how a theology and divinity student transforms into a Co-Founder of a Tech company,come and listen to him😊

More about Mark:
In 2012 Mark co-founded Trov—the world’s first on-demand insurance platform—and today is the Chief Strategy Officer and is accountable for all revenue, strategy, and growth as the company expands internationally.
Over the last two decades, he has helped get dozens of ventures off the ground, in Canada, USA, and Northern Ireland. He recently opened a tech hub in Belfast city center that hosts 250 entrepreneurs focused on Tech, Gaming, and Film.

Mark was an LP in Bullet Time Ventures, an early seed investor in Uber, Twilio and is a current LP in Anthemis Venture Fund. He is the Chairman of Techstart Ventures, helping entrepreneurs build successful technology businesses from the ground up.

Mark is also the Chairman of Generation Innovation – a program designed to bring entrepreneurial experiences to high school students throughout Northern Ireland.



FTS Partners with CBA during the #MilanoDigitalWeek

On March 14th FTS and CBA will organise a conference in Milan entitled: “Who’s Afraid of ICO’s?”
Interested? click HERE to register!

how to become a partner

Following on to last year’s successful Festival in Italy, we want to replicate with the 2019 edition, where we will try to connect even more FinTech players and to explore all the hottest global topics!  Open Banking, Payments, RegTech, FinTech Trends, AI, Identity, Data, Asset Management, InsurTech and much more.

Our partners are the value of FinTechStage and thus each day and event will be built in collaboration with them: come be part of this tribe!